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Get Ahead 2020: Library and Learning Resources

Library and Learning Resources (LLR) at LSBU provide a collection of 200,000 print items and over 300 million digital items. It can be daunting to find your way in such a sea of information but the staff here to help! Throughout your time at LSBU, your research needs will grow and become very specific to your subject area and other areas of interest. At the Perry Library we will provide the resources, tools and skills training to help you find, evaluate and use the information in an academic context. On this page, you will find a few key resources, services and links to help you get ahead.



Key Links

Key Contacts

Library Services

 Email us at:

Perry Library Help desk

 Phone: 020 7815 6607

Havering Help desk

 Phone: 020 7815 5982

My LSBU link  Once you are fully enrolled this is where you will need to go to set up your account. 

Library and Learning Resources (LLR) will have a module on Virtual Learning Environment (VLE/Moodle). We highly recommend you to enroll yourself to this page to get access to above resources and information.

Click here to download the Southwark Campus Map. On the map number 7 is for Perry Library.

Borrowing period for Books – 2 or 4 week and DVDs – 1 week.

Library has auto renewal policy; your borrowed items will automatically be renewed and you will be notified with an email saying that the books are renewed. However, if there is a request from another user for a book that is borrowed by you then, you will need to return this on its due date.

Self-service machines and return sorters are located  1 East of Perry Lirary. 

You can discover DDS services further by going to the relevant  menu on top of this page. 

As an LSBU student you will be able to download a free copy of Microsoft Office to your own computer or other devices.  This will be available to you once you complete your enrollment and receive your login details for LSBU.

You will have a library guide that is  tailored to your subject area. In this guide you can find popular library resources and links to the relevant web pages as well as training support to improve your information skills such as referencing and searching for articles on the library databases.

On the left hand side of this guide, in the Key Links box you will find the link to subject guides. 

Software is available for download as long as you are enrolled. 

Ask at the helpdesk on 1 West for more details.

Thanks for taking the time to go through this introduction to Library and Learning Resources at LSBU. Please feel free to get in touch with us using one of the contact methods given on Key Contacts box on the left hand side of this page.

Perry Library

250 Southwark Bridge Road

London, SE1 6NJ

020 7815 6607

Student IT Support

1 West Helpdesk

Perry Library, Southwark Campus

020 7815 6678

Digital Skills Centre

The LSBU Business School,

 Borough Road, Southwark Campus

020 7815 6610

Havering Library

Goldcrest Way, Harold Wood

London, RM3 0BE

020 7815 5982