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Get ahead - make a flying start: Skills for Learning

Complementary web pages to support the 'Get ahead' new student events in July & August 2021.

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Who we are and what we do

The Skills for Learning Centre offers an extensive range of workshops, drop-ins and one-to-one sessions designed for all levels of study, from foundation year to PhD.

We are here to assist you to enhance fundamental academic practices undertaken at university to develop your reading, academic and professional writing and critical thinking. We also specialise in providing Maths and Stats support to improve your mathematical, numerical and statistical skills.

Session materials and recordings

Slides and links to videos will be available here after the sessions have taken place.

Skills for Learning logoActivities to help you get ready for university 

Skills for Learning are here to support you in building your fundamental academic skills such as reading, academic writing and critical thinking. We can also help you to improve your grammar and presentation skills.

We have prepared a selection of materials that we encourage you to try out before you come to LSBU. They will help you to know more about what to expect from the University and introduce you to the essential skills you will need for success. 

Maths and Statistics Resources

  1. Exam Solutions.- recognised as a leading provider of maths help. Free online video tutorials in Maths at GCSE, AS and A-level standard.
  2. Corbettmaths.- provides a series of worksheets and video tutorials in Maths GCSE and A-level.

  3. Maths Centre - produced by Sigma network.

  4. Maths e.g. - produced by Brunel University

  5. Khan Academy -  one of the best channels for students to study from.

  6. 3 Blue 1 Brown - the best channel for mathematics after you learn it in school. Be aware, your head will hurt sometimes but it will be worth it.

  7. Eddie Woo - this man is a legend! If you still think maths is boring, it's because your teacher isn't Eddie Woo.

  8. Permutations & Combinations by Eddie Woo - another video from Eddie Woo to make maths exciting.

  9. Binomial Theorem by Eddie Woo - more from the master of maths.

  10. Professor Leonard – the Eddie Woo of complicated maths.

  11. MindYourDecisions - this fun maths channel offers weird problems to think about every week or so.

  12. Matt Parker - Stand up Maths – a bit geeky but also fun.

Contact information

  • Email:
  • Phone: 020 7815 6454
  • Office location: Floor 7, K2

Student writing with pen and paper

Blackboard with chalk equations.