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Health & Safety: Fire Evacuation

Fire Evacuation

If you find a fire

  • Leave area - closing doors behind you. Break a glass fire alarm panel to set off alarm
  • As soon as you safely can phone Security x6666 They will contact Fire Brigade if required

Fire Evacuation

  • All staff  now have a responsibility to help with evacuation as ‘Evacuation assistants’
  • Most Senior staff member present should act as a ‘Fire Coordinator’ during out of hours periods (liaise with each other to check who this is in the event of an alarm - if they are on site then this would be Sheila/Alan/Nick/Ross/Natalia)

When alarm goes:

  • Staff should clear zones they are in of students (and communicate with each other about what zones they are going to)
  • Guide students towards nearest exit as they often don’t know where that is
  • It’s OK to go to several areas but don’t go anywhere unsafe (you can check room doors with your hand to see if they are safe to enter) and you should be at the stairwell leading out of the building in 2 minutes (and should only wait longer in a stairwell guiding students if safe to do so)
  • Last staff member to leave a zone – take the arm band for that zone (these are on the walls near exits to each zone with a plan of the zone concerned)
  • When you leave building go to Coordinator (wearing a luminous jacket) and report if the zone/s you have a band for are clear of people or not
  • All evacuation assistants should tell students/customers to leave and go away from the building (at least 100m) and check back after 10 minutes (and keep telling people if they won’t go)
  • Unless the fire co-ordinator asks you to help staff the gate to the building (to stop students trying to enter) then you should also scatter and return to the building later


In the event that the Fire Alarm sounds, then stops during the evacuation then the evacuation should continue. The only time the alarm sounding then stopping should be ignored is during our briefly weekly alarm test (Perry Library - Tues 9am)


If you find yourself in the Fire Coordinator role


  • On leaving building should take the jacket and laminated map of zones (in PL this is held at 1 East reception in a red 'emergency bag') and make yourself visible


  •  Ask some evacuation assistants to stay by entrances to building to stop people going in if needed


When staff with arm bands report to you

  • If their zone was clear of people then tick this area on the map
  • If people were left in the area there cross the area
  • Areas where no one reports checking them or has the arm band – leave blank


This plan can then be shown to Fire Brigade for their info as needed and can be wiped clean after the evacuation is over


Security will check if alarm is genuine and summon fire brigade

They will also advise Coordinator when alarm panels have been reset and building is safe to enter again

Staff should then enter again first before admitting students