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Perry Library: Services for Visitors

Can I visit LSBU library as a member of the public?

Can I visit LSBU library as a member of the public?

We only have limited space in the Library and have to give priority to LSBU students so access to members of the public is only given if you can give us details of substantial educational need to use our library

Update - June 2019 - we are currently reviewing our public membership scheme with a view to bringing in a new scheme for the 2019-20 academic year. While we carry out this review we are not currently accepting new applications for membership.

Thanks for your patience - we'll update this page with more information soon


If you are a member of:

  • Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE),
  • Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH)
  • Organisation of Tourism and Hospitality Management (OTHM)

you are eligible for reference access by showing your organisation's membership card.

Due to licensing restrictions on our electronic resources you won’t be able to use our PCs

You can use the library catalogues and the free electronic resources available via them. 

Guest Printing and Copying

Printing for Alumni & Visitors

Web Printing icon

Print wirelessly from any device at:

• Guest username and password
• Upload document
• Release from campus printers

Guest printing cards are available from our help desks

Search the Library Catalogue

Search the Library Catalogue Find books, e-books, DVDs

Visitor Username and Password Update

Can I use LSBU library under the SCONUL access scheme?

Can I join LSBU under the SCONUL access scheme?


Yes if you are a student at another University who are members of the SCONUL access scheme then you can apply for access to LSBU library

Make your application using the SCONUL access website - your application will go through to your own University library who will decide whether or not to approve it so please make sure you don't have any outstanding fines or overdue loans with them!

Once they approve your application you'll receive a permission email

Please bring this to our help desk here at LSBU library along with your ID card from your University and we'll register you for an account with us

We'll also take your picture to give you an LSBU ID card which will give you access to the Library on your future visits

You need to register with us when our help desk is open but once you have your LSBU ID card you can come in any time we are open

Depending on what Band of the scheme your University allocates you to you may have reference only access (use of our spaces but not borrowing) or you may have borrowing access (borrowing of up to 4 books at a time)

You can ask at our help desks for a 'guest' account to allow you to print and copy in our libraries

SCONUL Access logo

LSBU Visitors - Wifi

Connecting to the Wifi


If you are visiting from another institution then you can log on to "eduroam" using your home institution's email address and password.


To access the internet you can connect to our Wifi by searching for "LSBU_Visitor" and completing the registration form.

Please note that this will not give you access to LSBU Resources and other LSBU services.

Your Library Account

Library Tip - Visiting User Library Account

Visitor Access Restrictions


There are no visitor access restrictions in effect currently.