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Network Disruption: Updates

Service Update: 

My LSBU login error message - further information

The Eduroam wi-fi network is currently disrupted off campus at other educational institutions. IT are aware and are investigating the issue.

16th July 2021

Ongoing system issues

Some of our systems are still experiencing some issues. Please follow the advice on this page to enable a quicker resolution.

E-Resources Panopto
E-Resources - Mac Users Password Reset

Contacting us during this period

Students can use the university's new enquiry system MyAccount to contact Student IT Support and Library services.

Please have a look at this page before you contact us, it contains important information about when to contact us and what details we will require from you.


Has your work been affected by the network issues?

The university is keen to ensure that disruption to students does not affect their grades - see our 'No Detriment' support.

MyLSBU login issues - July 2021

MyLSBU login error message

MyLSBU the student portal was brought back online last week. Results will be posted on MyLSBU.

We are aware that some students are seeing an error message when they try to login to MyLSBU. 

If you are, please try the following:

  1. Use a different web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

  2. Clear the cookies and cache from your web browser - see helpsheet

  3. See if you can login to MyLSBU on a different computer or mobile device.

  4. Reset your password following the information on our website: Password Reset  

If you are unable to reset your password due to an error message, please send us a photo of your student ID card and a screenshot of the error message.

If you still cannot login to MyLSBU after you have successfully changed you password, contact us with a screenshot of the error message you see.


'Locked' Accounts - 26 July 2021

We have had several students reporting issues with their accounts being ‘locked’. IT Services have resolved this issue.

If you are still having problems please clear your cache and then reset your password via the steps at this page

However there are also a few reasons why your account might be locked which you can check if the instructions above do not work:

  • It is possible to lock yourself out of your account by trying to log-in too many times (eg if you had accidentally mistyped username or password). For this reason it is worth waiting 20 minutes (at which point account should unlock) and then trying again
  • After the 20 minute wait if try to reset your password.  Password reset can  be carried out here

Other reasons there might be an issue:

  • If you’ve finished your course with us and graduated more than 12 months ago (eg summer 2020 or before) then your LSBU IT account does come to an end so you wouldn’t be able to access it any more. You can see more info on this here
  • If you have finished your course but aren’t sure what date you graduated so aren’t sure if your IT account should have finished then please check with your School Office
  • Also if you have any of these statuses with the University (withdrawn, suspended, excluded or not re-enrolled) then that may block your account with us.
  • If that is the case then please contact your School Office to check what you need to do to resolve that issu


If none of the above helps please let us know so we can refer your issue further, giving us full details of your account and of any new error messages you are getting


Password Reset - January 2021

Password Reset - January 2021

Following the migration of IT accounts onto new servers, all students and staff have been asked to reset their passwords next time they logon to their email or MS Teams.

If you have not yet updated your password or are having problems doing so, please see our Password Reset page for information and support.

Password Reset Support

AULA Education

Error Message page - Your connection is not private 

This is due to an error on a third-party site security certificate. 

In order to access the site, you may need to 'force refresh' the browser cache - in Windows, the shortcut for this is Ctrl + F5. On a Mac, the shortcut is Command + Shift + R.

Alternatively, see the help sheet below to clear the browser cookies and cache.

Moodle Support

Although Moodle is back online, there are a number of students who are having difficulty accessing the site for several different reasons.

Moodle icon

New students

If you joined LSBU in January 2021 you should have received a username and password by now. If you can login to your LSBU email and Microsoft Teams accounts but cannot login to Moodle, please follow the instructions below. 

See our New Student Guide for further information for new starters.

Accessing Moodle

Before attempting to login to Moodle, please ensure that you have updated your password successfully. All students have been required to reset their passwords since 11th January. Full instructions are provided on our password reset page.

If you are looking for the Moodle link: 

If you are having trouble logging in to Moodle please see our advice below.

Error Message page – This site can’t be reached

You are trying to get to Moodle via a page that is currently offline such as My LSBU. Please go directly to Moodle here:

Error Message page - Your connection is not private

This is due to an error on a third-party site security certificate. This has now been rectified.

In order to access the site, you may need to 'force refresh' the browser cache - in Windows, the shortcut for this is Ctrl + F5. On a Mac, the shortcut is Command + Shift + R.

Alternatively, see the help sheet below to clear the browser cookies and cache.

Can reach Moodle site, but cannot login?

If the page has loaded successfully, but you cannot login:

  • Ensure you are using just your LSBU username– do not use your whole email address.
  • Ensure you are using the new password that you set up recently.
  • Try to 'force refresh' the browser cache - in Windows, the shortcut for this is Ctrl + F5. On a Mac, the shortcut is Command + Shift + R.
  • Try a different internet browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox.
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache - remember to close all browser windows when you have done this and then re-open and try Moodle again. 

Still no Moodle access?

If you still cannot access Moodle, please email us at:

Send us a screenshot and full details of what you have tried and what error message you see. Provide the following information in case we need to refer this to IT Services to resolve.

  • Full name
  • Student Number
  • LSBU username
  • Personal email address
  • Phone number

We recommend that you inform your lecturers that you are unable to access Moodle and that you are in contact with us. They will be able to advise about where to submit assignments or give you guest access to Teams for lectures and exams.

Last updated 16th February 2021

Mac Users and E-Resources

Firefox browser logo - an orange fox illustration curled around a lilac ballMac users:  Please download and use Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser to access E-Resources. There is an ongoing security certificate error on some of our library catalogue pages. IT Services are aware and are working to resolve this. Please click through to the page via the Advanced option. These pages are safe.

E-Books and E-Resources

During the network disruption we have had problems with access to e-books and electronic resources.

Please see the information below in order to access e-resources.

Please note: You may find that more e-resources are accessible when you are connected to the GlobalProtect VPN. Some students though, have reported issues with connecting to Moodle while using GlobalProtect, so remember to disconnect from the VPN if you can't login to Moodle. Full details available on our Software for Remote Working page.

Information for Mac Users


EBC/Proquest, Askew and Holts e-books can be accessed via the library catalogue as usual.

Ebsco e-books can be accessed via our Alternative E-Resource Access page - see link below.


Journals and specialised databases

Journals and specialist databases can be accessed via the subject guides or the A-Z LibGuides list as usual. 

Currently you may still need to use the Alternative Access page links for some e-resources rather than links in the catalogue. 
E-resources needing generic logins and e-resources needing Global Protect to access off campus have been listed separately, 


Reading Lists Online

Reading lists are now accessible but if you encounter a login error, please try the alternative route above to find the e-book or the article that you have seen on the reading list.

You will be able to access these via our Alternative E-Resource Access page- see link below.

Library Catalogue   Alternative E-Resources Access

Our Library Subject Guides also have information about accessing resources at this time.  

If you are still having problems, please get in touch with our team of librarians: or book an online appointment with them. Check your library subject guide first for further information.

Last updated 20th January 2021

Service Status

Available Services

  • AppsAnywhere
  • e-books and e-resources
  • Global Protect VPN
  • Laptop loans
  • Library website
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • LSBU website
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Moodle VLE
  • MyAccount
  • My LSBU
  • OneDrive
  • PCs on campus
  • Panopto
  • Printing
  • RefWorks
  • Software for download
  • Telephone system
  • Wi-Fi

Unavailable Services

  • e-portfolio/Mahara
  • Library account
  • Timetabling system

Last updated 12th July 2021

Panopto Access

Attention Mac users
Having problems accessing Panopto? 
See our help sheet below

Students can login to Panopto directly and access online lectures.

Panopto Online

Library Buildings

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Please read our current COVID safety rules before leaving home.

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i:Drive Network Storage

Access your campus files...

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Any files that you had stored on your network storage i:drive on campus are now available to you online.

These files have all been moved to OneDrive which can be accessed via:

LSBU email accounts

When you open OneDrive, your files will be in a folder with a name starting with ZZZ:

Microsoft Teams

Files > OneDrive > ZZZ folder

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