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Student IT Support: Passwords

Newly Enroled Students

New Students - Setting up your IT account

Once you have completed your enrolment, you will be sent an email with your LSBU email address, username and a temporary password. You must change that password before you can access your accounts.

Use the instructions below to do so.

If you have not yet received your email address and temporary password, please get in touch with us via MyAccount or come to our help desk in the Library.

If you have received your username and temporary password but it does not work, please get in touch with student IT support via MyAccount or come to our help desk in the Library.


Setting up your new password

1. Please go to:

2. Sign in with your and temporary password.

3. You will see the following: Don't lose access to your account!

4. You will need to fill in at least two of the three options.

5. It is recommended that you use all three options.


Filling in Authentication - Phone

1. Click the blue Set it up now text.

2. Select United Kingdom from the dropdown list

3. Then enter your mobile phone number in the box directly below. Please remember to exclude the first zero from the phone number as we are using the UK prefix +44.

4. Then click either the text me or call me buttons

6. Respond to the prompt from the phone. For example if the Call me option is chosen you listen to a brief message and press the (hash) # key to acknowledge.

7. The display will then change. The green tick shows that you have successfully added that piece of data.

Filling in Authentication - Email

1. Click the blue Set it up now text

2. Enter an external email address into the box.

4. Click the Email me button.

5. Go to your external email inbox and you will receive an email with a unique code.

6. Enter code into the verification box on screen. Click Verify.

7. The display will then change. The green tick shows that you have successfully added that piece of data.


Filling in Security Questions

1. Click the blue Set them up now text

2. Choose a question from the list and add the answer in the box below it.

3. Repeat for all 5 questions.

4. Click the save answers button when all 5 are complete

5. The display will then change.The green tick shows that you have successfully added that piece of data.


Finish setting up your IT account

1. Click Finish.

2. You now need to set up a secure password for your IT account. As you are still in, you can go to settings and select Change Password or you can use the link below:

Setup your new password here

Problems resetting your password? We can help!

If for some reason you cannot reset your password and cannot log in to your IT accounts, please get in touch!

In order that we can resolve this issue for you and get you back into your accounts as quickly as possible, send us the following information:

Full Name
Student ID number
Details of the problem, what you've tried, the exact error message you see, a screenshot is really helpful too.

You can contact us via:

Online: MyAccount

Live Chat: See the chat link at the bottom right hand corner of this screen

We recommend that you inform your lecturers if you are unable to access your email, MS Teams and Moodle and that you are in contact with us. 

Password Reset Links

New Student - IT Account Set Up

You will have been sent a temporary password by email. Use this link to set up your authentication details and a new password.

This link should also be used if you are an existing student who has had your account reset and you have been sent a temporary password.

IT Account Set Up

Forgotten your Password?

If you don't know your password but you have previously set up your account.

You should also use this link if you are resetting your password because it is no longer working.

Forgotten Password

Want to update your password?

Looking for a way to just update your password?

You must know you current password to use this link.

Password Update

Need to update your recovery information?

If you want to change the recovery details held for authentication, you can do this yourself.

You must know your current password to use this link.

Update Recovery Information

If you have 2-factor authentication turned on, you may need to contact us